About Our Company

Christian Cartage Co.
Began operations in 1986 with a primary purpose of
providing a much needed reliable local trucking service
without damage and claim losses to freight, where larger
carriers were not providing. A dependable trucking company
that could service Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.
We service a 60 mile radius around Chicago,
encompassing all 6 collar counties.

The owner's philosophy is to utilize a
“Always be honest with the customer, be up front at all times.”
Provide fast reliable service, well maintained equipment while providing a reasonable price to customers.
Additionally, providing well dressed, educated, and groomed men and women drivers who have
earned their CDL's driver's license legally.

The carrier is always the extended salesmen for the shipper in appearance and professionalism.
Because of this, we have not accrued a damage or loss claim in over 30 years. We have been providing a
personal relationship from carrier to shipper, while eliminating the lose from waste,
delays and damage to freight.
Christian Cartage Co. Story